She Exists

Being Flower...

                                                                                    I had a Life..
I was so happy being Honeysuckle, living alone on the east-side of the garden. I was beautiful, I smelled good, looked good. Living without harming anyone else. I was alone but I was happy..
3ye am .. Yes 3ye am.. 
Butterflies were my best friends.  I was independent, dancing with breeze, spearing spreading my fragrance around. I thought I was created to serve and please others, I never complained.
3ye am no harm. Yes 3ye am a charm. 
and then once I was found by a human. 
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  1. the fantasy is not over yet, thats why it's titled as *being flower*

  2. Flower has tasted the reality so will not have fantasy dreams again :)

  3. umm .. if a flower faced some reality, will you stop calling it a flower? i think no and as long as a flower IS A FLOWER it will live in fantasy with the dreams in mind .. ! no matter wherever it's and no matter how hard the situations are.

  4. Flower will remain flower but become aware of not only it will be touch by soft hands but hard too so dreams will have reality flavor in it :)
    [Because of living in fantasy it dies soon]

  5. i have no other option instead of saying ..
    *i agree* This flower will live now with REAL DREAMS ..

  6. ok now this one is with a deep concept , but why it's specific to a SHE ?


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