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Assignment Friends.. !!

With time our school memories vanish from minds, and if someone is in my age then even their college & university memories fade down. But still in whatever age you are, whatever kind of people you have, you always find some *Assignment Friends*, to whom you can never forget. Since childhood I heard people telling me the story of a bear and two friends with a moral "A friend in need is a friend indeed." these friends are one of them. The mean one…!!!

This *Assignment Friends* is totally my own term, the type of friends who needs you only in their assignments and when they need you. Specially if you are brilliant and prominent, you always found a bunch of people around you, praising you, making you feel so special. And when your glory ends, they don't even recognize you. And then you find the bear and two friends’ story true.

In my case, I couldn’t judge people; I never needed anyone's help actually, 'cause I was never dependent on many. But in last few years, whenever I felt down and I need some moral support with me, I found people so mean and cunning there, even to those to whom I always suppose my besties. Oh one thing is so funny, I have an Assignment Friend MM, I was her very very good friend [at least this is what she told me] and who deleted me from her facebook even just after the graduation and all help done. And same is the case with so many others, I don’t wanna name all.

I jus wanted to write the mean people who pissed us during our studies, or wherever we are. Sometimes in our professional life too and never even think of returning our favor, and never be thankful. And then I was reading somewhere.
Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.
And realizing the fact that we don’t need thousands of friends and people around, just need one sincere and good friends are real blessing of God.
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  1. haahahahah Aish its so true, And I can get about whom you are talking :P Yay yaya you are absolutely right about those assignment friends :D

  2. sweet!!! i can relate to the "assignment friend" thingy :P
    i know such ppl too!

  3. great post we are all surrounded by mean people.

  4. true friends are blessing of God.

  5. A single true friend is a bliss in this mean world and m glad that i at least have One :)

  6. Hey Ayesh!!
    Before thinking about those cunning ones, feel blessed about those good ones that are by your side irrespective of what phase of life you are in.
    But I can't deny the fact that even I have one or more such people around me.
    Part of life.
    The good ones outshine them :)
    Must say nice blog layout. I'll keep visiting :)

  7. @iqra & mehreen: it's not about jus one person,yes i mentioned one but i can name 1000 more =)) the mean, rude and cunning ones .. :/ hate em .. :!!!

  8. @sami: yes we are .
    @anon: no doubt but they are hard rather impossible to fine now .. .. !!!

  9. @riya: u r blessed ..
    @Gv: thnx fo dropping by and yes there are ppl like this in a huge number =D


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