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What She Wants ... !!!

You guys always come up with the thing that *what a girl wants*
it's seems to be a universal question now lol .. seriously.. !!

I know what Your ~She~ wants.
Trust me 99.9% girls are not about money and handsome guys. so keep trust that your she's not in 0.1%.

She wants jus a lil bit care, two words of sympathy when she's down about something. Is it too much if she wants to all you? She wants to be the ~Only One~ She don't wanna be compared and messed up with Others. If she mean a bit for you, Isn't its her Right??? She wants time, wants to be pampered all time. Girls loved it when you call and treat 'em like a baby and yea she's a big attention seeker, she wants attention. Girls are bit emotional and required to handle with a bit care. If you say she's Special, make her feel too that she's. This list isn't that big; all is on my finger tips all she wants is
Love, Attention, Time, Care, Her Self-Respect

She means to her words and she can give you ~All from her~ even if you are not giving her all she wants. She's not difficult to understand, at least you can try once.. This post is specially for ~My You!~ and Mmm .. and yea for other bloggy and facebook friends too who keep on putting their statues as *what she wants*

My Life out of my Window is awesome till now, yea I couldn't get outa Internet but I'm still enjoying change.s Yea I found another wonderful thing out there. I'll show you soon..
Cheers !!


  1. lovely post hun.... and right too... guys jabber about how complicated girls are, how infinite their wishes are... but see, we're so innocent and cute and cuddly :P

  2. "Trust me 99.9% girls are not about money and handsome guys. so keep trust that your she's not in 0.1%"
    i disagree there are at least 1 in 30 women who are looking for prince charming so that means ATLEAST 3.33% women are looking for rich handsome guys

  3. almost impossible to satisfy girls.

  4. @mehreen: exactly .. no one understands :( we are so innocent :'(

  5. @zee: prince charming .. yea every girl wait for her prince charming but prince charming not always mean a rich and handsome one. u know if it was case what are u sayin .. 100% marriages wud b super flop. cz to find perfect match is almost impossible ...

  6. @edward cullen: :o omii .. i was in search of him :p .. u better know

  7. @ashwariya
    i meant to say 99.9% is very huge number and does not make practical sense

  8. @ZZZz: Make it 98 i really don't mind :p

  9. 96% is still a big ratio so as u say :)

  10. i come to know that it's every girl's wish :)

  11. Very nice! We are really quite simple creatures...once you learn how to treat us :) Great blog! I will keep following. Please follow mine:

  12. ..beautifully written..
    ..i agree wid every word of urs...

  13. @jil :) no doubt we are simple .. im checking your blog :)
    @riggs: thnx welcome here

  14. Nice post, we girls just need care and love, some attention, some shopping, few days dine out and bas :P :D Such small wishes :D


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