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No matter how hard the situation is .. We still make a Perfect Couple..

And they live happily ever after.

"Why all fairy tales have same ending?" I asked on the end of the story in a winter's night.
"'Cause they are fairy tales."  Reply was so innocent.
"So when I'll be with my prince charming, Will we be happy till the end?" I asked with curiosity.
"of course you are my princess and you will live happy forever."  She replied to me.
"Aren't you your mum's princess?"  I had a list of questions.
"Yes I'm. you granny loves me a lot." She covered me with blanket and She kissed my forehead.
"then why you were unhappy yesterday?" I asked with solemn face.
"Mm cause we are not living in the world of fairies." Her answer was making me confused.
"Then how you are smiling now and how I'll get a prince charming ?" I was so more worried about me.
"You will get everything with time and I think you should sleep now." that answer stopped me asking MORE.

"You want some." He offered her his ice cream.
"yea sure." It was a young couple at McDonald's.
and he touched his cone at her nose instead of giving her. that was funny and cute. People around were laughing over them. 
"You are mad you know." She shouted loud.
"Sowwiee .. " He was not embarrassed and girl shouted again. 
"Crazy .." and both were laughing loud. ~Strange~

I couldn't hear them but their expression was clearly showing that they were fighting. A red car was near mine on signal. The girl was driving and baby was with her hubby. They were contiguously fighting. The expressions were like they'd kill each other. 
On next signal I found them smiling. ~What the Hell~

Really What the Hell.. ~~

Omg how two people can live together for long if they clashed on every other thing. I'm watching same scene from last 24 years. They are together from last 25 years and argue on daily basis and I consider them as a ~Perfect Couple~ Masha Allah ..

Once her answer confused me "Mm cause we are not living in the world of fairies."  I'm still confused 'cause it's like fairy tale that you have issues and you are still happy.

Can't they live happy after getting into a relationship. All fairy tales you told me ended on a Prince and Princess, who got married and live happily ever after. I mean suppose consider every girl a Princess who waited for her Prince charming and finally got him and when they found in a relationship they started acting insane. I get scared when i see two people fighting or even arguing and then happy again with each other, sorry to say but even you people. 
I was so confused about things so finally i asked. And her reply made me think a lot.

Ahh all stories I told u ended on ~they live happily ever after...  It was never the end of the story, It was Real Starting. And those who really love and understand each other, no matter how hard the situation is they always make a perfect couple, like in your fairy tales.
Mmmm like you and dad. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to My Parents


  1. simple awesome. love this piece

  2. oh wow! what a beautiful dedication!! <3

    Happy wedding anniversary to uncle and aunty!

    I loved the narration of this post Aish!! Kudos to you!

  3. @mehreen: thnx hun . :$$ they said thnx to u :)

  4. so sweet and innocent post :)

    Happy Wedding Anniversary to ur Parents :))

  5. love this. yes, thats what relationships are all about being together and riding out the storms and enjoying the sunshine.


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