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He forgot to Live ...

He was dying to finish high school and start college.

Then he was dying to finish college and start Professional Life.

Then he was dying to get married and have children.

Then he was dying to for his children to grow up and start their lives.

Then he was dying to get retired from his work...

And then he *DIED*
In between he forgot something. *HE FORGOT TO LIVE*

Don't let this happen to you. Life is full of pleasant moments. Everyone got a window in life, All you need to open it and try to find a new other perspective towards life. 
All you need to live every moment, with your loved ones and with those who care about you. All you need to smile and make smile everyone else and You need to enjoy what you have today, 'cause there's no guarantee of tomorrow.

Yesterday is History.
Tomorrow is Mystery.
Today is Present.
so jus think about it and enjoy it...

Don't Spend your Life, *LIVE IT*
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  1. and you leave a smile on my face whenever i see your comment over my post <3 thx :))

  2. good one aish... we are always running towards something... we need to stop and see all the beauty around us!

  3. The way you have expressed the simple is so nice..loved it completely :)

  4. tyvm sogyel .. :) do come back and leave ur link so i can hit you back as well :)

  5. @An ordinary girl: thnx hun .. leave ur link tooo :) <3

  6. Very true. I have read this before but your pictures make it a stunning blog entry. Thank you for sharing.

  7. nice one i have read the same thing multiple of times but the pics add flavor so i like it


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