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Good Bye 2010, Welcome 2011

The first decade of 2k is about to end in few hours and I really cant believe how fast the time flew away. I'm on my bed on the last day of this year 2010 and enjoying being sick in winters. but yea my cozy bed and quilt are giving me courage to write this post. I don't know from where to start but i really wanna give it a try.

Back in 1st January, 2000, It was a same cold morning . Me and my mum were watching new year's celebration on BBC, having tea and dry fruits. I don't know why I was at home that day. May be Winter's vacation or I took an off from school that day but yea I was at home that day. and the bell rung and I went out to check .. I still remember that foggy morning in my porch, I forgot who was at door but yea all I remember that I stopped there in my porch without caring how cold it' was out and started enjoying that fog until my mum shouted and asked me to come back. The whole day I was thinking about upcoming century. It was an excitement. 

2001, 2002, 2003 ... I passed my school and entered in a new college life.. 2004 .. I passed my high school and entered to university. A quite different life. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. OMg .. Think time is flying .. I passed my graduation. I was an engineer then. 2009, 2010  I started doing job. I got every other thing jus BY THE WAY .. from a school girl to a professional engineer.. that was only one side, even I got everything in my personal life.. Life went ALMOST smooth...
I never believed that things can change so fast in an year... rather iIcan't believe about that fast speed of time. I still remember when I was writing Farewell 2009 Welcome 2010, a year back..

2010 was over all the worst year of my life. I never cried that much in my whole life that I cried in 2010 and it's not an achievement.. Now I found something new for sure but I'm more upset on whatever I lost there. My loads of friends, my trust over things, and yea somehow my self confidence... I don't wanna discuss 2010 I guess. 
 2011 is here.. yayy .. 
 I have plans for my life now. Things will get better and if they don't I'll try to get them better. I tried hard to change me for new things, I have no clue how successful I'm but I'll improve it in future hopefully. I have wrote my New Year's Resolution as always, I randomly put them on here.. 

  • I'll change my life style (I really need to)
  • I'll NOT leave my Attitude and my Dreams (that's my possession)
  • I'll gym and aerobics everyday (ohh gym at 9 killer)
  • I'll work to remove my dark circles (yea yea I need to sleep at sharp 11)
  • I'll forgive people and forget things (at least i'll try to)
  • I'll laugh a lot (to increase my face value)
  • I'll FOR SURE act like a grown up baby (I'm a mama's baby now)
  • I'll kill whoever try to make me cry (I'm fed up yaa')
  • I'll go office early (so that I can leave early)
  • I'll change my room deco (living here from an year with same style, I need something change)
  • I'll make more mistakes (but will try to not make them regrets)
  • I'll TRY to be happy (I need it)
  • I'll drink loads of water ('cause I'm drinking 1 liter in two weeks these days)
  • I'll try to look more forward outa my window (I already explored a lot)
  • I'll try to post everyday on my blog (yea I know I was lazy at the end of 2010)
  • I'll be an optimisstic (think glass is half full now)
  • I'll be what I'm in really (sometimes I really pose, I think don't need to)
  • I'll try to get out of my past (killer) 
  • I'll not rely on anyone else while making my decisions (everyone should follow this one at least)
and yea for a new year present, here's a new look of 3yesha ... enjoy it and leave a comment that how you are taking my new look. My Blog's Make over I mean. yes I worked very hard to change it and I know where I need to change more but that was the maximum I could do with hell amount of work and dead cold around.

and a very Happy New Year .. Yuppieee ... !!!
Have a blessed 2011 with all happiness around.  and a demand from Allah ..
Guide us to the Straight Way. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray.
cheers.. !!
Aish ... !!!


  1. Happy New year to u :)
    cool layout ;)

  2. A nice one....hope u can do whatever u wish to in the year 2011...well as for me i can't carry i have just thought i would try to be less lazy than 2010 in 2011.....AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to u

  3. your blog is looking so awesome. nice work girl. happy new year :)

  4. @Riya: thanks a lot and a very happy new year to u dear :)

  5. @dpdhungana: hehe be active .. :D and u still have whole January to think about ur resolution :p hehe happy new year :)

  6. @anonymous: please don't be so anonymous :p .. thanks and a very happy new year

  7. Hi! T wish you will fill better! Also I wish you Happy New Year and be more optimistic!
    About achievement- you have perfect and interesting blog ( I always bitterly jealous to peaple who is can write ). About lost - in Russian (I'm Russian) We say "no godsend without lost!" (something like that). So, what I trying to say... All the best to you !!!

  8. I havent seen the old blog, but if the new layout is a reflection of how you feel inside, then 2011 is definitely going to be your year. Don't overdo it at the gym and take this year one day at a time.


  9. @aler: thanks for coming here .. i checked urs too. u ve a nice one too.. :)
    and russian wow :D don't get jealous .. u ve a really nice one too *smiles*

  10. @Antonio: yes yes .. :$$
    lol gym overdo :$$ haha .. i need it seriously :$$$ loool

    Happy new year @both :)


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