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Can 3ye have You back ???

I hit my 100th follower on my blog and a voice was telling me
I always believe you, yes you can do it. I always told you jus first 100 is difficult.
I was in some trouble and a whisper was following me..
Tou pagal hai. Main hoon na. (are you crazy? I'm there for you.)
I had a fight with someone and a voice was coming from my left.
Go f* 'em up I know they are cruel for you.
I was crying for some reason and somebody was consoling me.
I'm 18 and you are 21 and I'm telling to stop crying otherwise I'll come to your country and will chop you.
I was thinking stupid and a mender was persuading me.
I can't see these tears in your eyes and I hate when you think weird. Let's solve your problem.
The five people, my besties who are no more with me now 'cause of my stupidities or may be circumstances. and all time when I get into some situation, these voices guide me and yea always left a smile there..

I know you are gone but
I feel like I’m drowning and waiting you to survive me again.
I feel like ask one more time
Can I get you back? One Last Time Please...!!
I'm missing you all badly.
I'm sure it's not possible but I wish you get my message.


  1. Oh baby, U can have em back, If u realize that u did smfin wrong just discuss it and ething gonna be fine. U can have em back for sure :) Cheers

  2. soon they will know you are sorry and they will understand.
    if they dont then its not meant to be.. just give them time..
    dont try to win them back in a rush..

  3. @BR: im impatient like every other human :'(

  4. I hope they come back aish.

    But aik baat kahoon? BEST buddies never leave in the first place. Trust me on that one!


  5. @mehreen: ehhh .. !! *hugs bk love*

  6. nice writeup. I hope you find them back soon.

  7. Your Blog is Really Very Nice and presentation also.
    Please Follow My blogs also.


  8. tx & sure indranail .. i'll hit u back :)

  9. You have heard the saying that "some people are there for a lifetime and some are there as angels to show you the way and then they fly away.
    In life we loose some and win some.... Look at what they have taught you and not the sad part...

  10. @yogasavy: u r right .. and these angels are mean to fly away finally after letting us know that they taught us ALL.. thx:)

  11. DOnt worry...they will comeday oneday...just believe in urself....we often makes mistake...its human tendency,,,and you won't be surprise to have them back oneday....its also human tendency to forgive and forget.

  12. @WarmSunshine AGREED!

    Deeeeee...! *TIGHHHHHHTTTT HUG*

    Mei bhi 18 ka hu.. Lahore aa k cheek pe.. *coughs* :P ;) <3


  13. lub u lub u lub u.. n tumharay cheek par double :P muwahhhh <3<$

  14. lubbbu 2..3..4..5...543732059843 :D <3


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