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Unspoken wOrds

How important to say it all.. ??? 
I can feel your heartbeat near me all time telling me that you are there standing for me but is it enough? 

[I was a strong believer of that stupid fictional stories when I was a kid and believed on that telepathy things in which one can understand other's Unspoken Words, but now when someone is asking me to understand things myself with few clues, I feel like to killing me or idk but to do something real bad. Bull S***.. !! Sometimes when I feel like to say everything to you and I want to be heard as well and I feel there's jus a presence saying I'm here but no one to listen me actually, I feel like to SHOUT LOUD at that time. All what stops me saying ALL is that jus few words; "I'm there for you" but did you ever really heard there when I said it all??? If you were there then why you were not understanding what I'was saying? Was I saying something in real?? I was talking about My Unspoken Words moving to Yours]

I jus don't understand that what time actually we are waiting for to say all .. to tell the one that we are really there and we mean whatever we are saying.  

I hate it when you are sitting there plucking pettles of an innocent flower saying "She loves me or she loves me not." and your Heart knows what you want on your last pettle, you want to say it loud and all to her. I'm sure before the last pettle whoever get up with a mind that ~to hell with this flower I have enough power to tell her and she'll be mine.~ I'm dead sure he'll be never unsuccessful. 

Don't let her leave on the thing that she'll understand herself, she'll Never let you know; even if she'll ever understand herself (she don't know telepathy damn) and specially 'cause Unspoken words are always Unheard.

She's there waiting for you...

Let her know and let her think about it...!!! If you are successful she's yours, make her feel special then, Life is short to live actually .. and I'm NOT jus saying, I mean it...!!!  
(and it's a suggestion for WE)
jus for the clarification, its not me and I'm not waiting for anyone, but yea it can be a any girl's feelings.


  1. Itnay depressed depressed posts kyun likhti ho bhaaai =P

  2. r u started crying already? lol
    i was jus feelin bad fo someone who's sufferin like this .. this is not me actually but yea it can be a ANY GIRL's feeling .. !!

  3. girls hardly understands. a slap can hurt me in reply ..

  4. for cowards: better shudnot think about ~Love~ simple ~~

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. agreed . if i am a girl i'll think the same. appreciate it to have a courage to say something loud.

  7. really like your blog would love you to check out mine?

  8. @sami: its some frustration out ..
    @charlie: kk :)


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