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Jus Imagine ..

It’s a pleasant Saturday evening but I'm lying on my bed in a lazy mode and watching my missing episodes of equals three of Ray WJ. I love him man. in a video he was talking about a creepy video which got millions of hits in jus five days and it was a freaking  cat doing something with his master's shoe. ftw a cat's famous and people are still hitting that video...   

Why are so many people doing with watching a cat ehh ..!! This Global Village is making a stupid cat very popular among stupid people like us. But yea with laughing over the cats act I was thinking what I myslef without internet, I mean I really have no life without it. Two days back I was having a fight and betting with Kate over the same thing. She was insisting that there's another life outa my lappy but I insisted that there's NO LIFE ..!! I mean how can anyone live without internet and yea finally she lost the bet and I'm so happy for it.  

Now forgetting what I was fighting with her; I'm thinking about my life that's too much depending on technology (specially internet and mobile phones) like watching stupid YouTube channels and reading, writing, googling, facebooking and chatting etc. But the other thought came into my mind that the same Kate was saying once that she has a box (The Computer's processor she was referring) and her little friends living there. I know it was stupid (lol) but very mind provoking thing she said. She can use mind is the thing I never expect from her just kidding.  

Anyways I was thinking if we had no technology we got for sure No Life (Yes not jus me even You). The World in the Palm of my hand with this Technology.. Funny thing is that sometimes I really want to restart life or CTRL+Z the things what I made wrong, I wanna CTRL+C and CTRL+V my work if I don’t wanna do it second time, I wanna CTRL+F or missed call the things what I lost in life, I wanna swap card on leaving and entering in my room. I want my home same as I'm having in Yoville, I want my life as perfect I'm watching in ads appearing on sites. I know this all will be possible someday. im very sure about it. 

Suppose if I never had internet. I never got idea that there's a Chills living in US, a Kate in Yemen, a Khan in UK or a Medy and Zee in same my city. They are just few I have so many friends here over internet 
Even My Besties..!!  
It's not jus done with friends I never knew about Ray William Johnson and that stupid cat, Jay Sean or everyone to whom I like. I never had dark circles and I never get late from office. lol rather I never had a job even what an Software Engineer can do without technology. My day starts and end with internet and phone.

Suppose if I never had mobile phone I could miss so many lectures while I was studying and I never gossiped that much. I couldn't get up on time or receiving pathetic jokes as forward messages. I was laughing on the joke i received yesterday that a father will tell his son in 2020 that I met your mum on Facebook. lol. and same the South Park low internet episode. 
~~ Funny !!!
3ye ADMIT that Life is not superb with internet and too much technology as Bill Gates said that Life was much better when Apple and Blackberry were fruits. But Just imagine the world without it.

But you know without internet No one knew there exist an 3ye and most important 3ye never knew there's someone You... !!


  1. Ermmmm Aish told me to comment here instead of telling her on MSN -__-" she controls where I comment too.
    Well said Ash Catch'm(dude from Pokemon)
    TO BE HONEST I wish I never used the internet, because the reason I lost the bet is not only because I have to sign on MSN to chat with my big bro but because I feel obligated to say hi to you humans that I met, or else you'll think I abandoned you. Seriously, if I hadn't met you Aish, who would cyber abuse me? <3

  2. i have a huge number of internet friends nd i lub them. good post nice thoughts

  3. kate: i hate you love <3 so u think u are doin watever im askin u to do .. lol .. ehh i wish .. !! and yea yea i can understand ur problem u never wanted to see us lol .. ;) meanie .. hate u <3 ~slap slap~ :p yea im harrssing u over the internet but shud i put that picture here which was showing ur reality buhahah .. anyway missed u; come bk soon my fake lahori friend ~Love Slap~

  4. @sami: i turned my real life frnds to internet frnds as well .. i ve a lot too loll

  5. Aish, keep beating me. I am telling mom :@:@:@:@

  6. dont tell her otherwise i'l give u another slap :@@@ and i'll tell my bro .. then he'll come with his all machines huhh ..!!! ~~ msn1 ~~ <3 ;p

  7. Buh buh buh, he is my twin :'(. How could he betray me. Btw LMAO @ the pic, where I confessed to really being a dude. :)

  8. haha u r a dude hun :p thanks god u FINALLY admited and i exposed u .. buhahah :p and he's my younger bro and he obey me more than his twin huh .. now go and cry with your pillow .. slap slap <P haha ;p

  9. Lol I am a dudee no joke ;) You would never know :P. Twins bond more! Oh oh and Eid Mubarak, it's tomorrow xD

  10. aww mubarak to u too .. its on wed here in pak .. :) and when r u comin bk .. looo.. i mean .. loll :p

  11. lol kelbaaaaaaaaaa!! Oh Wednesday...well in advance, and I'm not coming back :P I deactivated and refuse to use MSN. I get abused too much by you guys :'( Racial discrimination.

  12. i hate u love slap slap muwah muwah lol :P
    ~split personality~ u diagnose it :p lol


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