She Exists

Am I Real ??

I was shocked after looking a Facebook profile on my home page which some of my friend just added. It was my picture on display and my name as profile name.
OMG!!! When did I put this picture on and this is not my profile.. It's Fake.. 
When I opened my page it wasn't even more shocking for me that there were more than one pictures and my personal information was in profile.
I'm confused about myself.. 

Am I Real or Fake??

I'm being Impersonated.... !!!
Am I that famous or somebody is jealous of me? Who can do this? What is the purpose behind it? Have a done something wrong with someone who's taking revenge with me?? For sure yes there's one of the above reason.. It was midnight when i checked that profile and I couldn't sleep whole night; thinking about it. 

Impersonation is an act in which someone imitates the other. It can be imitation of action, behavior, culture faking other etc. it can be Legal, Illegal; Ethical or Unethical.

Legal Impersonation: Entertainment, Mimicry, impersonation to avoid crimes and help cops. Each of above category fall in Legal and Ethical impersonation. People do mimicry of politicians, actors, players etc. There are many shows on television which are impersonating many people since long and it's total Ethical.

Illegal Impersonation: Identity theft, Nudity, Pornography and many other things worse than the unethical activities are very common due to it. I feel sorry for those who are doing this for just a short time pleasure. I don't find it a crime I think it's definitely a Sin. Laws definitely exists there and they are working to stop these kinda unethical acts, but people are not aware of them. Its main purpose is to create a bad image of the person who is being impersonated.

Sometime it's Fun for the impersonator. Friends living with us whole day; yea sometime they  impersonate us. Calls, texting, sending mails or letters to others with their friend name, disguise like them or anything like that.. Creating fake profiles of Ashley Tisdale or Justin Bieber maybe fun but is it same when you create a Friend or a Business Rival; whose image can be ruined to others and  impression can be destroyed by impersonation.???

Internet is growing so fast now, and data over Internet is not at all safe specially if it's personal. So many fake profiles, fake identity, using others names etc .. 
Everything like that can ruin a life .. Specially if she's a Girl with whom you are doing with. I read myself sometime back that two girls committed Suicide due to the thing that their families were not accepting these things and were blaming them and trust me the news were showing a 2 months baby of one girl.

I believe everything action always got two sides, Positive and Negative. All depends on the Intentions on the person who's performing it and for whom he's doing. Impersonation; if it's Ethical and Legal it's Fun and Good somehow (as long as it's Ethical) but the other case is a Sin and a Cheat itself and the impersonator is a Criminal, an Evil Mind. 

Faking Other is Unethical...!!!
Respect others privacy...
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  1. people can go to such lows... i know you've been terribly upset Aish... you'll have your day


  2. very dangerous people trying to steal online identities.

  3. LOL I thought messed up but funny. Some just don't get that identity theft is a crime :\

  4. It´s unbelievable .........
    Send you Hugs Sandra

  5. i love your layout :) it is divine if you ask me !!! :D

    and I am glad you left me a comment on psychiatric hotline :D or else i would b missin this right now!

    p.s. i ve been a victim to this more than once and i have nothin to say about the mentally retarded and socially inept :)

  6. @mehreen: i'll my day fo sure someday .. iA thanks hun; it was u were with me at that time :)

  7. @kenyatta2009: dangerous with hidden purposes behind .. :/

  8. @Kate: pagal.. u r the 2nd one who theft my identity ... slap slap :P <3

  9. @Fleur 99: It happens a lot. and i hate this thing .. thnx <3

  10. @divine: ur twitter is even talkin abt me :p u can't miss my post :p thanks fo liking my layout :)

    and yea they are sick whoever is doin these things around .. and thanks fo comin here <3

  11. Don't worry, ething gotta b orite soon :)

  12. that identify theft and you should report it ...

  13. i hate those kind of people... they are a waste of time... tsk tsk!

  14. @asma: sick is jus a word try to make someone's repu down is more than jus SICK ..
    @iqra: thnx hun ..:)

  15. @iskandar: i reported this issue .. and the profile was banned but they re-opened it. facebook's privacy policy is sick now .. SICK !! more than sick people around.

  16. @Ailee: i pity on those who tried to seek pleasue by teasing others, rather by spoiling others. hope there will be justice someday .. (iA)

    thanks fo stopping here .. <3


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