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3ye Google everything ..

Google became the world’s Number 1 search engine in last 15 years. We all use it daily for our searches.
Last night when I was sitting with my brother and sister, I don’t know how we started and reached on the thing that we can search everything on Google. We tried some stupid things and find almost all.
I was thinking about same when I was coming to work today how much I use Google in a day. I spend my hours on it daily. Sometime when I have nothing to Google and I use it for random searches. Yes I use it a lot. It never disappointed me. 
I was thinking about something I was searching a lot and couldn't find it on there. Mmm .. It always gives me at least clues about the things. 

Think Think... and it appeared to me ~Happiness and Satisfaction...
I'm searching it from many days and I'm not even find it on Google, even world's Number 1 search engine can't find them for me.

A Lost Soul, happiness and satisfaction is still not available on flop searching engines..
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  1. aww .. there are happiness around you. dnt hit google tat much >D

  2. awwww... you need to look inside you aish :) you'll find every thing you're looking for!

  3. @shabz and mehreen .. thanks i'll definitely try :)


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