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Tom The Boss .. !!

That’s so funny when you think your boss is like TOM ... who the hell this Tom is now...!!! The Tom Cruise... O No No.. Tom Anderson; the MySpace one... Nahhhh !! Tom Hankas . NOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Tom the Cat...

What?? ? How a boss can be tom the cat...  lol they are not exactly cat (cats are so cute SHhhh) don’t think that much dumbas .. :Ss  boss are same like tom who irritate jerry all time for no reason .. urghh .. !!  who's Jerry now .. Me Ofcourse .. :/

Oo seriously at least my Boss is very irritating... He started irritating me when I joined his team before that he was so innocent... I was in other room when they switched my team and once I was sleeping on my desk he came and woke me up... asking about some serious issue..  OMG... isn’t it rude... Don’t he know I couldn’t sleep at night times ‘cause I was watching movies, playing games and was reading books … that's so unetgical to wake someone up when he or she is dreaming about something good. He was laughing there but Ehh I forgave him trust me …  

But that wasn’t end, he asked Big Boss to move me in his room so that he interacted me easily, I know he wanted to keep eye on me all time... I moved there hell ...!!!

But there I revealed he used to of reading paper all days and watching technology videos on YouTube... eh!! I can’t play Yoville and he's reading paper and blogs... Hate it man ... urghhhh ..  coming late and going early .. !!
Holding AC's Remote to him in room, asking about who's coming in and going out... Checking room temperature all day and calling for meetings after every 10 minutes. Asking the time you entered and left office.. Ooo My!! Help me!! Take me outa hell...
He was starting Real Tom Act there and poor me was Jerry... But here is the difference, I wasn’t single jerry there. My two colleagues sitting there were THE VICTIM as well... They chat about him in secret and gossiped about him a lot...

I woke up at nights and prayed for my freedom. I was in real pain... all time a MONSTER on my head all time, checking me ... When I started chatting, I have to end it in middle saying wait boss is here .. Life was miserable.

Please Lord Help me... And finally that project ended and with a few maintenance work talked to the Angel; Big Boss about switching my seat back. WOW... An affirmative answer from his side... Yayy... I’m going back to my seat soon...

WOW I’m back on my seat... Hurrah...!!

 And a new project started, I’m under a new Boss... And today he caught me sleeping on my desk... I’m in a new room writing a post...
(All characters are factitious and I’m still on my seat; p)


  1. Lol I loved this post. Thanks for putting it up :)

  2. hehe thanks salman .. u r lol'in u knw i was suffering ;P ~sighs~


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