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a thin line between Love and Hate

I just wonder if anyone hate the most to one he or she loved the most sometime back... it really happens, the more I think about it, the more I find it true that there is just a thin line between love and hate ..

When we are in relationship, maybe when we love someone a lot we are too much into it that we never even imagine that it can be ended sometime, our expectations gets high and higher .. And sometimes they reach to highest heights... And when it broke up and says 'It’s over' they make us crazy, 'cause it hurts a lot... Relationships can make us crazy, insane very easily...but Maybe when we broke up and started missing The One, this makes us hating 'em. I’m not sure about it all, but if somebody is saying 'I love you' DO EXPECT a 'I hate you' from there in sometime.

No doubt, there’s a thin line between Love and Hate and very easy to cross.


  1. is there? i always found it contradictory!!!

  2. these two contradictions merge on some point and that point is when u started hating the one to whom u loved and start loving the one to u hate. and i believe 2nd case occurs rarely but yea first is evry common .. its something i believe .. !!!

  3. hmmm.... but then, "hate" comes out of love too :)

    think about it :)

  4. Hmm! I like the thought! But I will also go with Sunshine, she is right you know..

  5. i agree guys ..hate comes outa love and sometimes vice versa.. difficult to absorb in but true..

  6. nyc thought..... but dunt agree with u........ itx coz when u love someone u cannot hate the same being on earth............. this two feelings never coincides :)

  7. i wish i can ever make u understand this .. i did same :( u can love and hate same person at tym lol .. it happens .. :( and its a pain .. ;'(


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