She Exists

She smiles with tears!!

The time they spent together, laughing loud for no reasons, staring at each other, holding hands with a cup of coffee in cold winter's evening, sitting beside fireplace, sometimes just a whisper in ear, a big hug or a small kiss. When she sits alone, recalling the past, she smiles with tears...!!!
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  1. very painful indeed.....i am telling her here that when i am alone,, I try to erase with tears too those sweet memories when we were was not my fault,,,,,u betrayed me,,,, u went behind someone els........but i m sure, u will never never happy there..........though i pray for ur happiest life...after all , u were my first love,, and first love is difficult to forget.....:miss u.....(:(:(

  2. ahh sometimes we never wanted to betray someone but it's our destiny which makes us decide whatever is going with us. im sorry for u and wish you never be in same pain and it last asap.


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