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Pink Planet

People always used to of asking me that why I like Pink like all ordinary girls. Now I should reveal that my perception about Pink is so different from the rest of the world.

There’s a moon above our planet earth, so high and if you look down from there to the other side, there’s a planet is of Pink color. People on moon call it Pink Planet, there’s only love and peace around with a self recognition and this feeling is called Pinkitude there. Everything is made up of color Pink. This is not a fairytale; I’m so sure of existence of such planet in this universe, my Dreamland.

I’m a Pink Fan since my childhood, my room is all Pink, my wardrobe is full of pink clothing, I even not leave shoes ‘cause they are even Pink. I carved a Pink Planet around me, I sit alone closing my eyes, wow I’m in the Planet of my Dreams the Pink Planet. Am I sounding unreal?? Not really ‘cause I felt it so many times. I don’t care where I’m, at home; work even sometimes sitting in a meeting or with friends. Whenever no one is there, I feel myself like the Princess of this Pink Planet, and my Dreams are my Public. Everything is there like the way I always wanted to have. I can reach anywhere riding on a Pink Dream; I don’t need to ask anyone, I’m independent there like a bird in the air.
This Pink Planet; my Dreamland is so awesome, that sometimes I totally forgot that I’m a human being living on a simple planet, people are so cruel here and they never let you ride on the your Pink Dreams and above all now even I’m a grown up girl, it’s not an age of playing with my Pink Barbie. But I can never let me out of it ‘cause my Pinkitude is stronger than the cruel feeling of Planet Earth Girl.

A guest post from Pink Planet
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  1. love this pink planet!!!!! wow ..good
    liked it :D

  2. me too .. love my pink planet .. :$ thanks fo liking.. im v possessive about my pink planet but i'll invite you sometime to see my pink planet

  3. oh wow!!! i love pink too! i once owned a really crazy pair of pink glasses, but i loved them!

    but come to think of it... every thing pink, pink, pink.... ill have the feeling im sick or something ::$


  4. lol m still crazy about pink, u wont believe not jus sunglasses, i have pink purses, wallets, dresses, bed covers, cushions, curtains, carpet, my bathroom tiles even shHhhh. thats quite funny but only pink sunsilk suits me .. haha
    and not jus here, my 2nd world yoville, i ve all costumes pink there ... pink is all around mee lol love pink .. :$ you have to tolerate it now .. :p
    think pink .. and join my pink planet :p

  5. i love pink as well and I love the way you vividly describe the childhood scene..
    lucky you you were allow to have a pink room for me I just inherit my room from my older brother so I got no choice but to live with the dark blue paint and he never allowed me to chance the color and the set up. basically I was living in a dark blue world..

  6. hello!
    this is Stephanie from the b-reviewers team..
    a very nice entry indeed.
    I wish I can paint the room pink but I have a sun and I guess he might not like it when he grow up plus its kinda weird too.

  7. cheers, it's ellah from b-reviews.
    nice entry. Keep it up. You are the first that I review and I'm loving it. Nice.


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