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Pink Planet

People always used to of asking me that why I like Pink like all ordinary girls. Now I should reveal that my perception about Pink is so different from the rest of the world.

There’s a moon above our planet earth, so high and if you look down from there to the other side, there’s a planet is of Pink color. People on moon call it Pink Planet, there’s only love and peace around with a self recognition and this feeling is called Pinkitude there. Everything is made up of color Pink. This is not a fairytale; I’m so sure of existence of such planet in this universe, my Dreamland.

I’m a Pink Fan since my childhood, my room is all Pink, my wardrobe is full of pink clothing, I even not leave shoes ‘cause they are even Pink. I carved a Pink Planet around me, I sit alone closing my eyes, wow I’m in the Planet of my Dreams the Pink Planet. Am I sounding unreal?? Not really ‘cause I felt it so many times. I don’t care where I’m, at home; work even sometimes sitting in a meeting or with friends. Whenever no one is there, I feel myself like the Princess of this Pink Planet, and my Dreams are my Public. Everything is there like the way I always wanted to have. I can reach anywhere riding on a Pink Dream; I don’t need to ask anyone, I’m independent there like a bird in the air.
This Pink Planet; my Dreamland is so awesome, that sometimes I totally forgot that I’m a human being living on a simple planet, people are so cruel here and they never let you ride on the your Pink Dreams and above all now even I’m a grown up girl, it’s not an age of playing with my Pink Barbie. But I can never let me out of it ‘cause my Pinkitude is stronger than the cruel feeling of Planet Earth Girl.


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