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I'm a House Keeper !!!

.. Sneak Peeks told you all that the 2nd part of my YO Life is coming by the end of this week, I was not feeling to write it 'cause its a happy start and for me at least kinda sad end of this part. you know to write this part i take an off from work .. lol .. ~joking~

Anyways I ended up ‘My Noob Story’ saying I started visiting events and making friends around, though i changed my status from Noob to House Keeper but a noob was still alive in me .. lol i didn't buy anything from Christmas 2009 and ice queen.. and enjoyed a lot looting Yoville by doubling my coins and baking 350 coins cookies and cakes .. I was a Farmville champ previously so all what in my mind was to level up yourself and come on top in ladder .. I used to compare my level with Khan cause he was the only one in my Facebook list who was having level in 40s and I started a self made competition against him lol...

Old Friend Visit

Vinney's (Dating Point)

Ooo My Cookies.. :Ss Old Bakery
Yo introduced capturing pictures and used to capture mine and they posted it in Yoville profile pictures automatically. I was always very choosy about my clothing I bought so many 500 coins dresses. shows that i have a big inventory containing all 500 coins dresses. I used to change it every day and showing it off in front of my poor friends. lol.. Look few.

It was December, one day I followed Khan and I found a girl there saying it' was her birthday few days back .. I said ooOo girl Happy Birthday .. She was asking for gifts from her friends for fun and i gifted her 50 coins yellow capris.. yes i remember yellow capris cause i had that one extra in my inventory. lol .. She laughed over it a lot urghhh .. that moti was no one else but Free Bird ..Ehhh!! I was so pissed lol .. I never knew it until she told me her birthday is on 6th dec few days back and her name was Free Bird when she read my Noob Story .. lol she's now a very good friend (Chills a.k.a Gulab Jamun) and I’ll disclose her secrets later on .. ;P

Coming back to story, I started decorating my apartment (my old look of apartment, I changed to new after a particular incident; I'll describe later), got a 5000 coin house and decorated it. All Noobs like me appreciate it a lot.

My Apartment  Sighs

5000 Coins Home Living
I started getting friends on yo, some bitches and some real nice people. I met a guy named as Ash Hau$slaz Boss. He runs a group kinda community with name hau$laz, a nice guy, a good father and wonderful flirt lol. He was the first rich person I met on game, my first rich friend, I'm not into culture to give and get gifts except ... (shh laters) ..!! so I never care about how rich he was on game but yea I was always impressed by his room's decorations. He and his whole group was to help people on yo and they used to report those who bug innocent for no reason. I have so many guys from his crew in my list and every lost at once suddenly. It was a big ban I guess. Never met any of them after that.

 met a girl saira there, she was mean and i never felt that good with her but through her I met my yo bestie lol my ex bestie lol.. Harry ..!! It was fun with him, we used to spend 24 hours on phone and yo together, telling him my stories and listening and bugging him all time. I was not into stuff and clothing at that time and he used to get everything for me .. He was sucha sweet heart, I was kinda possessive about him as my yo bestie. He got a villa and i decorated it and I had a house, I changed it now completely , I named after him (even name is changed now). wow now I own 2 houses and an apartment, fully furnished. buhahah .. That was furnishing for me, I'm not that old on yo.

Valentine 2010 Room .. <3

Harry's Living (Name is changed now)

Don's Villa
Don's Vills's Music Room

I was even then a Noobie, so amazed how people used to manage so much amount to get pets, I loved yo pets at that time, I worked hard and succeeded to save 10,000 coins for a Yorkie. Wooo .. Love it my baby, named him Chikie. (Later on I sold it few days back, I’m a mom fulfilling my wishes by saling my kidos buhahhaha). Harry gifted me all yocash stuff, which poor he used to purchase from his yocash, bag and my cat. He named her Sanorita. I used to call her my daughter. lol . She’s still in garden of my Victorian house.
Chikie and Sanorita with Roadside kids <dogs>

When i joined the game I was Ash. There I met a guy with name Romantic used to follow me with his cousin. I talked to him sometimes, Harry never liked him lol and one day he came there with a changed name, guess what was his name. guess guess .. omG Romantic Ash .. I was so embarrassed. what the hell is this .. and Harry was what the yadda (yadda yadda yadda .. abusive lang on yo lol, and yadda was better at that time now everything is yaddda on yo). There were SHB and Aliyah too with me and Harry, and we spend real good time together. I hated it when someone else tried to interrupt there. It was real fun with them. We spent months together but finally ..!!

Lol .. Magic Herb .. ~~

He never trusted me <3
Me and Harry ended up on something weird and then i finished with Aliyah and SHB too. It happened with me a lot on yo. Sometimes it makes me really cry 'cause this is my 2nd life. lol. When me and Harry were friends, we were all time together and now he left and I'm all alone. I stoped going on yo. What's there? Its a sick game. I really hate it man...!! I'm leaving yo..!!

(yea yea I’m still there, Wait for the next part to know what made me stop there) 
Leave your comment ‘cause I love to get feedback.


  1. /&quot;-&quot;\ EDYOctober 22, 2010 at 4:41 PM

    kool...waiting for moreeeee

  2. yea meds u will be in soon .. ;) ty fo coming here and reading <3

  3. /&quot;-&quot;\ EDYOctober 22, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    :D yw :DD <3
    i love this story.....good memo :DD

  4. better are on the way.. next part, my best part of yo life is comin soon .. :$

  5. awww such a sweet and cute story :D :p lol


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