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I'm Crazy !!

I hate Mondays specially Monday Mornings. A New Week... Hectic routine after a relaxed weekend is so unbearable...

I feel so lazy and tired, sometime real sleepy on Mondays, not willing to start work really. I'm not an exception about Mondays, everyone feels same.

It’s a Monday today and I'm here at work. I got up early so I’m here before 9 (8:59 I mean *winks*). Feeling same (lazy!!) Nothing is working here, no lights and now when lights are ON, no Internet. Had a cup of tea.

Sleepy...  ZZzzZ... !! Oo No you are at work... Let’s start thinking something to keep me busy.. !!!

I was thinking about my weekend, it was so awesome, I woke up late and relaxed a lot. I watched 3 movies, 2 were real good and one was so funny. Moral is I had a good weekend. I litraly started dreaming about my weekend now.

And now I can't even think to start work lol... I need time to get outa this work load. I should go back to home.

And now I’m giving me a candy like a 3 years old kid. Oo baby don’t worry, just 5 more days and there's again a splendid weekend waiting for you... I’m feeling ok now... It’s crazy...
No No... I have to work, yes yes I have to...
OmG I’m forgetting, the hell amount of work and heavy indigestible, dry discussions whole week, these threats started floating in front my mind. Hell nooo...!!! I'm about to faint.


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