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Teardrops on my Guitar .. !!

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar..
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star;
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do...!!

Happy Birthday Mehreen -29 Oct 2010

Started like Routine Class fellows to Trustworthy Friends; Discussing Assignments to Sharing Personal Problems... It’s a SIX YEARS Journey...
We fought never (shhhh argued a lot though many times ~chalta hai~).. But More time I spent with her, more revealed that she's an awesome person and a very good friend. I can't praise with gem words like others but i know now how much i like her, she's sucha sweetheart and worth trusting..
I’m started as usual... Stop it Aisha it's her birthday today...!!!
Happy Birthday Mehreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

I can’t buy gift of gold, but all I can give you my heartiest wishes...And I want to tell you that I’m always always always there for you whenever you want me to 'cause You have always been there for me, and I wish our friendship will never end.. and and and Again Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you, my dear dear dear dear friend.
God Bless you dear, not only this year but throughout your life... Have a great day, a wonderful Bir…

23 Oct, 2010 ... One Day Trip .. !!!

uff this hectic routine, all time a Tommy on your head.. It’s sick when you work 9 hours a day, and report as 40 hours in week... We need a break..!! Executive club arranged an election that was a ray of hope of some event in office... but what's this, General Secretaryis on leave for 40 days... Omii... Now we have to spend 40 more days in Jail I mean office...: S

but wOW WoW wOW a mail received asking trip's proposal ...  One day trip where it should go for one day and people were so excited saying ~take us anywhere away from Tsoft~ lol And finally it ended on Khewra Salt Minesand Kalar Kahar...
Mail: "we are going next Saturday on 23 Oct 2010" wooopieee... lalala... ~dancing with joy~
23 Oct, 2010 Me and Asma got ready and left home at 6:25 AM (they asked us to reach 6:30 AM btw: P) it’s good to leave early khekeh at 6:35 AM I started receiving calls saying you are late.. :S 10 minutes is not that late .. We reached office at 6:45 AM WOW WOW WOW ... we have to wait 2 p…

Tom The Boss .. !!

That’s so funny when you think your boss is like TOM ... who the hell this Tom is now...!!! The Tom Cruise... O No No.. Tom Anderson; the MySpace one... Nahhhh !! Tom Hankas . NOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Tom theCat...

What?? ? How a boss can be tom the cat...  lol they are not exactly cat (cats are so cute SHhhh) don’t think that much dumbas .. :Ss  boss are same like tom who irritate jerry all time for no reason .. urghh .. !!  who's Jerry now .. Me Ofcourse .. :/

Oo seriously at least my Boss is very irritating... He started irritating me when I joined his team before that he was so innocent... I was in other room when they switched my team and once I was sleeping on my desk he came and woke me up... asking about some serious issue..  OMG... isn’t it rude... Don’t he know I couldn’t sleep at night times ‘cause I was watching movies, playing games and was reading books … that's so unetgical to wake someone up when he or she is dreaming about something good. He was laughing there but Eh…

a thin line between Love and Hate

I just wonder if anyone hate the most to one he or she loved the most sometime back... it really happens, the more I think about it, the more I find it true that there is just a thin line between love and hate ..
When we are in relationship, maybe when we love someone a lot we are too much into it that we never even imagine that it can be ended sometime, our expectations gets high and higher .. And sometimes they reach to highest heights... And when it broke up and says 'It’s over' they make us crazy, 'cause it hurts a lot... Relationships can make us crazy, insane very easily...but Maybe when we broke up and started missing The One, this makes us hating 'em. I’m not sure about it all, but if somebody is saying 'I love you' DO EXPECT a 'I hate you' from there in sometime.

No doubt, there’s a thin line between Love and Hate and very easy to cross.

You and 3ye in this beautiful World..!!

You and 3ye in this Beautiful World!! Greengrass Bluesky ...

How glorious a greeting the Sungives the Mountains, How cute smile a Tide gives to Ocean. How sweet songs a Bird gives to a Morning and How pleasant feelings a Flower gives to a Human.
These are all miracles of Nature... and we are here to enjoy this life and praise the Creator.